EOFY Functions at Varsity

EOFY Function

Make it one to Remember

Are you organising the annual end of financial year party? Attention here! We’ve got everything you need to make this EOFY party one you’ll be talking about until next year’s EOFY.

End of financial year parties can go one of two ways. They can be awesome, fun and hosted at Varsity. Or, they can be awkward, boring and not hosted at Varsity. We know which EOFY party we want to attend.

Be the legend that organises a work-do people can’t wait to attend. Talk with our Varsity events team to get the party started.


Work hard 

party harder

In May alone, the Australian workforce devoted 1,856 million hours to labour. Hey, that’s not bad! And, we think you did a pretty good job at those hours too! 

To acknowledge and appreciate the high quality work you contribute – a massive EOFY party is in order. And, our Varsity crew is ready and waiting to deliver. 

There’s a long list of perks when it comes to booking your EOFY function at your nearest Varsity venue. Firstly, there’s the ambiance that instantly gets everyone in the party mood. Secondly, there’s the awesome Varsity crew there to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Next, there’s the extra perks of the big screens playing sports. And last (but definitely not least) there’s the unbeatable Varsity menu that is guaranteed to deliver tasty feeds and impressive cocktails. 

All you need to bring along is your work crew and we’ll sort out the rest. 

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