SUPER BOWL at Varsity


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Dubbed the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Perth, it’s hard to beat Varsity’s big screens, fresh pints, delicious burgs and all round thrilling ambiance. If you’re not a fan of the Super Bowl, you might want to rethink your life choices as the day is going to be one for the ages. 

Super Bowl LVIII will take place in Las Vegas and will feature the two best teams.

If you’re placing a cheeky bet and want to check out more insights on the teams see here.

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What You Need To Know

Keep yourself up to date with all the need to know information on the Super Bowl! Read below, memorise the fun facts and impress your mates on game day. 

  • The winning team of the Super Bowl is presented with the NFL championship trophy (aka the Vince Lombardi trophy). 
  • The Super Bowl has topped ratings in the US every year since it’s first appearance in 1967. This has made commercial time during its broadcast HOT PROPERTY with a price tag that accurately reflects! It’s no wonder why the commercials screened are (nearly) as action-packed as the game.
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