Throw your mate the ultimate bucks party at Varsity!

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Bucks Party

Picture this: you’ve been named Best Man. It’s the happiest day of your life. But then you start thinking about one of the biggest responsibilities you’ll ever have (the buck’s party) and the pressure hits you all at once. You’re now responsible for your mate’s once in a lifetime (we hope) best night ever and have no idea where to start. Well lucky for you, there’s no need to worry, because Varsity has come through with the ultimate guide to planning the best bucks party! 

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Chat to the groom

Remember, it’s his special day! If you want to create a memorable night that your mate will love, make sure to check in with him before locking anything else in. For example, you could double check that your invite list is accurate – have you missed anyone? Does he want a bigger or smaller party? It’s better to ask his preferences so you can tailor the party to what he wants. You could also consider having a ‘do not’ list, to make sure you don’t end up organising something he’s not interested in. If you’re on the same page from the beginning, we guarantee you’ll nail it.