Trivia Night

Monday night is trivia night at Varsity

Where is the best trivia night in Perth?

4 rounds. Over 2 hours. No, it’s not a gruelling boxing match – but it might not be far
from it.

It’s trivia night at Varsity. Where we bring you a fun night out in Perth, friendly competition, food and drinks and prizes galore all rolled into one.
We’ve been hosting trivia nights at our bars since 2013, and we’re not afraid to lay the claim of hosting the best trivia night in Perth.
It’s 100% free to get a team together, so drop in with your crew at any one of our 6 venues every Monday at 7pm for a 7.30pm start, to flex your brain – not your muscles.
We cover everything from the latest sporting teams and codes, famous players past and present, the biggest games in history and random sports knowledge.
Trivia nights can be tough going, so when you need an energy boost, our mouth- watering menu and fully stocked bar will keep you all revved up and on top of your game.

If your team is crowned one of our weekly winners, you’ll take away a $100 voucher
for 1st , $50 for 2nd , $30 for 3rd , and heaps of other prizes throughout the night.

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Get prepped for next week’s trivia night and test your sports knowledge with these questions:
Think you know your sport? Bring your A-game to Varsity next Monday night. See you there!