What’s On At Varsity: November

What’s On


What do vegan burgers, horses and the UFC have in common?

They’re all in November!

Yep, it’s already here… 2021 has nearly wrapped up so we’re doing our best to end it with a bang. And it begins now. Check out what’s happening this month and stay tuned for more tasty burgers, sports and good times.

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The Hot Mess

Have you ever had soft serve ice cream and spicy chicken together? No?! Well, now’s your chance.

Varsity’s The Hot Mess burger is turning heads for its unique and mouth watering ingredients. Between two toasted donuts we’ve drizzled hot honey, whipped maple butter, sliced chilli, sweet pickles… and most importantly… soft serve ice cream and Nashville hot chicken. 

It’s sweet, it’s spicy and it tastes so good you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t tried this combo sooner.

Our Hot Mess Burger is on the menu NOVEMBER only. If you’re yet to take a bite into this one, it’s now or never.

Hot Mess Burger ingredients