Varsity is for  

coming this august
morley backyard

Previously known as “The Project”, our Morley venue has now been decked out to bring you the best of our Varsity vibes with the addition of a full American-style Backyard experience.

Sports in the front, party out the back!
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We're hiring!

Sick and tired of scrubbing floors after hours, having no social life and taking breaks to go cry in the freezer? Cool, join us for all the stuff you don't have to deal with working at Varsity. find out more

Varsity delivery
it's better for you & us!

We've now launched Varsity Delivery which means you can order Varsity easily from the comfort of your couch straight to your door! What makes ordering from us compared to other online ordering platforms better? Well to put it simply, it's cheaper for you and us! find out more