5 New Cocktails You Can Try at Varsity

Varsity Drinks

Cocktails To Try at Varsity

Though we reckon our house beers and wines are bangin’, sometimes you’re left longing for something a little more exotic. Maybe it’s a fancy date on a Friday evening, maybe you’re capping off your Monday with a masterpiece… either way, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some of the finest we’re pouring at Varsity. 

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Dr. Varsity

Where else would we start but with our signature creation? Disaronno, spiced rum and cola, mixed with flamed orange zest. It’s just what the doctor ordered – and, like most of our cocktails, it’ll set you back just $15. 

Lychee Appletini 

Seasoned cocktail vets might have tried their hand at the appletini, but have you tasted our unique tropical spin on it? We could tell you about the combination of sweet and tart, the hints of rose and grape… but you’ll have to taste it to believe it!