Burgers and Beer Pairing:
A Guide for Connoisseurs at Varsity Burgers

Burgers and Beer

The Perfect Pairing for an Irresistible Flavor Explosion

When it comes to enjoying a good burger, there’s nothing quite like the perfect beer pairing to enhance the flavours of that juicy patty and perfectly soft bun. It’s a match made in heaven. Just imagining washing down that delicious burger with a fresh frothy, it gets our mouths watering and our bellies growling. If you can relate, you’ll want to keep reading to discover the ultimate burger and beer pairings. 

New Venue

Grilled Cheese Squeeze

& Single Fin

Ah, the humble grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a classic comfort food that’s loved by all. Whether you’re making a quick toastie in the sandwich press, picking up one from the servo or you’re visiting the ‘rents and Mums made one for you—a grilled cheese always hits the spot. 

Although we have many fond memories with the masterpiece that is a grilled cheese sandwich, let’s be real, sometimes it can be a bit boring. That’s where our legendary Grilled Cheese Squeeze burger comes in. We’ve taken the simple mastery of a grilled cheese sandwich and elevated it to a whole new level, satisfying your cheesy cravings like never before. 

Instead of buns, we’re using grilled cheese toasties. With a perfectly pressed double grilled cheese sandwich on the outside and then on the inside; tender pulled pork, crispy bacon, smokey bourbon & caramelised onions, and black garlic bourbon aioli—this burger is a force to be reckoned with. 

Grilled cheeses are no longer just a dish for kids, it’s a dish for connoisseurs of flavour. The combination of savoury and sweet, crispy and gooey, this is an experience that can only be described as divine. We must say, our chefs at Varsity have truly stepped up the grilled cheese game.

If you want the ultimate grilled cheese experience, you need to pair it with the right beer, and we’ve found the perfect match—Single Fin. This golden ale is a true classic, with a crisp and clean finish that’s ideal for cutting through the richness of the sandwich. With a subtle citrus flavour and a hint of hops, it brings out the best in every element of our Grilled Cheese Squeeze. From the smoky pulled pork to the sharp cheddar cheese and the sweet caramelised onions, Single Fin enhances every flavour note and elevates the overall experience. 

Trust us, once you try this pairing, you’ll be squeezing this one in on the daily.

Grilled Cheese Squeeze & Single Fin