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The place to be.


If you’ve been following the Varsity journey you would know how excited we are to have a permanent Varsity venue for the Fremantle community. 

Varsity Freo first debuted as a pop up in September 2020. After closing the pop up earlier this year, we knew we had to get back to Freo as soon as possible. Now, we’re excited to announce our permanent Varsity Freo within the electric energy that is FOMO Freo. We’ve been loving the new venue, our neighbours and the awesome Fremantlers with your chilled vibes, great sense of humour and hunger for burgers!

If you’re hankering to visit, now’s the time. Check out the menu here.

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Pop up store to permanency

Pop up stores are always a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to meet people from all walks of life, explore a new location and spread the burger love. 

We’ve always had a soft spot for Fremantle and if you live in Perth you’ll understand what we mean. Close to the beach, yet also alive with nightlife… you get a mixed bag of people in Birkenstocks, suits, bathers or glam. It’s a true melting pot! And, we love it. 

When we opened our Varsity Freo pop up, we were instantly greeted with an excited and hungry welcome. There’s nothing like exploring the streets of Freo and then digging into a burger afterwards. It was awesome to be the go-to venue for the Freo community. It was a sad moment when we closed the pop up however, our spirits were revitalised with the opening of our permanent Varsity Freo location!


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