Functions at Varsity - for work or for play!

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Functions at Varsity - for work or for play!

Choosing a poppin’ venue for your event plays a MASSIVE role in determining the mood and enjoyment of your party. There’s a reason why no one’s enquiring with a library to host their next birthday bash (yawn!). When choosing a venue, you want a space that’s interactive, encourages good chats and delivers a fun atmosphere. That’s where Varsity comes in.

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If the idea of attending a work party hits you with a pain of dread then there’s something wrong with the party plans. Work functions should be exciting, fun and give you the chance to let your hair down after working so hard (or hardly working… but we won’t tell). 

The secret to a super-cool work do? Booking your function at Varsity! 

All of our Varsity locations offer corporate event packages to cater to all shapes and sizes. Head to our functions page to find your nearest location and read more via our functions packs. There’s different rooms, courtyards, long tables and bar areas to choose from with varying capacities. Once you’ve chosen your space, we’ll do the rest to make your work function a celebration your colleagues will be talking about for weeks (even years!) after. 

Plus – the best bit? Tasty Varsity food and drink. You don’t make friends with salad, but you certainly do with burgers. We’ve got it all covered with loaded fries, chicken wings, pizzas, our famous Varsity burgers and plenty of plant options for our vegan and vegetarian friends (insider tip: the Big Kahuna burger is insanely good AND it’s vegan friendly). Wash down your Varsity feed with a coupla pints and your work party will be one for the history books. 

Looking for more advice on how to plan the ultimate work party? Check out our must-know tips on planning your corporate function.

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