Happy World Vegan Day!

Celebrate with your favourite vego burger

What's world vegan day?

1st of November marks a very important day for our vego friends, World Vegan Day!

You can’t win friends with salad, but you can win friends with burgers. That’s why this World Vegan Day we’re celebrating the way we know best.

… with burgers!

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What’s world vegan day?

If you’re new to World Vegan Day, allow us to introduce you. 

Every year, vegans across the globe dedicate this day to appreciate veganism. Being a vegan means avoiding animal products in all shapes and sizes. This includes meat such as fish and beef, dairy products like yoghurt and milk, and anything that comes from an animal such as honey and leather. 

Research shows that replacing 1 meat meal with 1 vego meal once a week for a year, can result in reducing emissions equivalent to driving 550 kms in a car! That’s nearly a road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie.

Celebrating World Vegan Day doesn’t mean meat shaming – we ain’t about that – it’s about doing our best to make small changes to say thank you to the planet.