Hot weather calls for cold drinks – milkshake anyone?

Hot weather = cold milkshakes

Calling all milkshake fans...

We’re not usually ones to brag but God damn, these milkshakes are pretty f*ckin good. With the days getting warmer and summer approaching any day now, our cravings for cold and creamy drinks have fully kicked in.

Read further to discover what exactly makes our milkshakes so popular amongst Perth milkshake lovers… be warned, this read will make you thirsty. 

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Fancy shakes for fancy people

When one sips on a good milkshake, the joy you experience is incomparable. Creamy, chilled and refreshing. Made from simple ingredients, milkshakes are all about the ratios and the creative spin the maker gives each shake.

We’ve worked hard and long to develop our milkshake menu (tough job, we know). We’ve tasted countless flavours, explored different ratios and comprised the many glorious milky beverages down to a list of 10. If you’re yet to try one of our shakes, there’s no time like the present.

Do you like to ‘shake’ things up a little? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. Our fancy shake menu is dedicated to those who have moved on from vanilla and enjoy a more complex milky experience.

Maple Waffle Milkshakes