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Let us paint you a picture. It’s a Sunday arvo, it’s just hit 4.20PM and you’ve grown exceptionally snack-ish. You look in the pantry, there’s nothing. The fridge? Zilch. So what do you do? You jump on the Varsity League app into the Varsity Munchies category and add to cart the very best American-styled candies. Prepare yourself for a good night.

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American candy

When you’re used to glorious sunny weather for more than half of the year, these cooler nights can make you want to retreat under the bed covers with the latest season of Stranger Things but we urge you to resist! Trust us, this is even better than the retro series. 

Winter holds an important place in our calendar. Being a sports bar influenced by our American and Canadian friends – when it comes to winter, we go all out. Think: toasted marshmallows, ale, warm apple pie and mulled wine – our winter drinks are the perfect way to begin (and end) your night out in P-town.

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