NBA Finals 2022

Boston Celtics VS. Golden State Warriors

The tensions were high over the weekend as the Boston Celtics secured their spot in the NBA Finals. This means that this Friday the Celtics will be battling it out against the Golden State Warriors on the court. Tough to say who’s going to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy but what is guaranteed – it’s going to be high intensity. 

Don’t miss out on the action, join us at Varsity to watch the game on the big screens. We’ll be opening our venues early for each of the scheduled matches. Although the kitchen won’t be open the first two games, you can slam dunk a celebratory burger afterwards.


let’s bounce

Celtics felt the Heat

Boston Celtics delivered an outstanding performance against Miami Heat in game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals with a tight score of 100 – 96 that left Celtic fans roaring with joy. 

Heat’s Jimmy Butler left the game shaking his head with regret on a game-changing move. Butler decided to pull up for three on a fast break only to meet with the hand of Al Horford in front of him. Some say, this cost Heat the game. Others attribute the win to Celtics’ Jayson Tatum’s monster series. Either way, both teams gave it their all and we’re damn eager to see the Celtics in the NBA Finals, playing off against the legendary Golden State Warriors.