Raise your glass to Dry July

Dry july

varsity mocktails

Are you going alcohol-free this month? We’re here to make your next month easier (and more delicious) with our insanely good mocktails. They’re so tasty you’ll be second guessing whether they’re alcohol free. Not to worry, they’re completely free of alcohol but full to the brim with flavour. Celebrate this Dry July with a mocktail in hand.


Who, what, when, why!?

Dry july

Made popular by the Dry July Foundation, it’s an initiative that encourages individuals to go alcohol-free for the whole month of July. Whether you’re doing it to raise money, for a health kick or simply as a challenge, either way – good on you (you’re stronger than us)!

31 days might seem like a short time at first, but as soon as the weekend rolls around you’ll realise just how hard resisting that pint of beer or tequila shot is. Spoiler: VERY hard. 

Except! We have a trick up our sleeve… Mocktails! Our mixologists have carefully designed a select menu of mocktails for your drinking enjoyment. The result is three killa cocktails that will make your taste buds sing and your alcohol cravings subside.