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Yo students, we’ve got your back

Student life can be stressful – there’s the boring unit outlines, the quick approaching due dates, 3 hour seminars you have to stay awake for and expensive (…and questionable) Uni cafe food. We want to show our appreciation to students and support your education in the way we know best – burgers. Check out these hot student specials that will leave you feeling full, motivated and ready to take on anything (even exams!)

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burgers, beers & bloody good times

Student life just got better

Picture this: you’ve been stuck in the Uni’s library for God knows how long, you’ve handed in that huge assignment to Turnitin and your stomach is growling so loud that it’s disturbing the peace and quiet. But, instead of heading down to the cafeteria to get yourself a stale sandwich and an energy drink… you visit your nearest Varsity. Once you’ve got one of those glorious burgers between your hands – you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision. You work hard, it’s only fair you play hard too. Wash down your fresh Varsity burg with a cold frothie and you’ll feel properly rewarded after handing in that million-word essay.