Varsity’s Top 5 Gluten Free Eats

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Gluten Free, Still Tasty

Tired of missing out on all the good eats because there’s no gluten free options?

At Varsity, we know how hard it is to find good gluten free food, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to making great options for our customers. With meals prepared separately and the use of a dedicated fryer for our gluten free menu, we take care to make sure all your gluten free needs are met. Our dietary menu has a range of options to choose from, so we’ve put together just a few of our favourites below.

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Hot Wings

You’re not a die hard chicken wing fan until you’ve tried Varsity’s Hot Wings! Fried chicken wings, smokey BBQ sauce & celery sticks and served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Even better, being gluten free won’t stop you from devouring these delicious wings. Fair warning though, this one’s hot hot hot! However, if a little bit of spice doesn’t phase you, take the next step up and try our Devil Wings.