Vegetarians, vegans & Gluten free

Vegetarians, vegans & gluten free persons - unite

burgers for everyone!

Our motto: no burger lover left behind!

No matter what diet, allergy or intolerance you have – here at Varsity we’re dedicated to making sure you have the very best feast to sink your teeth into. That’s why our dietary menu is EQUAL to our regular menu. 

These vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are PACKED to the brim with deliciousness.

for everyone

meat free & Flavour full


Pronounced: vej-ee-tare-ian

Definition: a diet that does not contain any meat and instead eats a diet wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and eggs or dairy products.

Famous vegetarians: Mike Tyson (fighter), Arnold Schwarzenegger (governor), Billie Eilish (singer), Chris Mayne (Retired AFL Player).

There’s nothing worse than heading out for a bite to eat with your friends only to be given a few vegetarian options to choose from… especially when one of those options is a plain ole salad!

But guess what? At Varsity you get more than one of two choices… you get given an entire menu!

From fried pickles, Mac N Cheese, Vege Nachos, Taco Bowls, Vegan ‘Wings’ and our delicious selection of vegetarian burgers – we’ll take you to veggie heaven with these delicacies.