Watch The NBA Playoffs
At Varsity

Slam dunk!

Watch the NBA playoffs at Varsity

Sick of streaming the NBA on your phone? Would you rather spend your money on beers than a Kayo Subscription? Want to experience the ambiance of the game as if you’re right there in the action? WE’VE GOT YOU. Varsity is your number #1 sports bar to watch the NBA playoffs. With massive screens, surround sound, pints pouring from the tap and a tasty AF feed ready and waiting… Varsity is the place to watch the NBA playoffs in Perth.

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Beers, burgers and basketball

Catch up on the NBA action

Although the NBA was born in the USA, there’s a diehard fanbase in Perth (if you’re reading this, you’re likely one of them!) that are more than worthy of receiving the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, live NBA games have yet to make their way to the great Outback, but we’re determined to bring the electrifying atmosphere of a live game to your local Varsity. Each Varsity sports bar will be broadcasting the playoffs on their big screens with the sound pumping and beers slinging. Get ready to dribble with excitement and slam dunk some beers while watching the playoffs on the big screens at your local Varsity.

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