What it’s like to work for Varsity



Can’t get enough of Varsity? Why not work here! 

Whether you’re a uni student looking for a flexible job or a cook trying to build your skillset, there’s a job for everyone at Varsity. If you have a love for beers, burgers and sports (not necessarily in that order), read on for more information about working for us.

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Exciting work environment

Fast paced and fun, there’s no such thing as boring at Varsity – once you’re one of us, you’ll know how to get the party started. Time flies when you’re having fun – serving customers and helping with events means it’s time to go home before you know it. 

Good crew

The best part of any job? Working with some amazing colleagues! Meeting new people may seem hard now, but work for Varsity and you’ll have a bunch of new friends in no time. At Varsity, there’s always someone to help you out or have a laugh with – our crew makes working fun.

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