What really goes on at half time during the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV

Half time at the Super Bowl

One of the biggest events on the Varsity sporting calendar is always the Super Bowl.

We’ve been putting on a pretty darn good Super Bowl event for local diehard NFL fans ever since we opened our doors. As one of the only venues in Perth to screen the whole game live and uninterrupted, this year we’re gearing up for one of the most anticipated Super Bowl’s ever, with the two best quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes going head to head.

As we inch closer to Super Bowl LV on Monday 8 Feb (US Sunday 7 Feb), we thought why not share some crazy facts that you’re never likely to hear about. Like, what do the players actually do during their half time break?

Ready to find out? Read on.

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120 balls get used in Super Bowl

During a typical Super Bowl, 120 balls are used. Each team receives 108 footballs – 54 balls for practice and 54 for the game itself. The remaining balls are kicker footballs used for all the kicking plays.

Players drive in style

Did you know, in the week leading up to Super Bowl, every player gets to cruise around in a ripper loan car. For example during Super Bowl XLI, Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl champion Marlin Jackson, got to drive a Cadillac Escalade. I wonder if they get to choose the car?