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We’re officially half way through the year… Yep, already! The middle of the year can be a bit of a slog. There’s fewer public holidays, cold winter weather and the daunting fact that the first half of the year seemed to disappear into thin air. But, it’s not all doom and gloom – Varsity sports bar is here to deliver the good times, the good vibes and some quality memories, no matter the month. With an action-packed line up of sports, special events and cheeky deals, Varsity is here to give you and your mates everything you need all month long. Let’s get into it!


Burger of the month

Nonna's spaghetti

Nonna has given Varsity a visit and in true Nonna-fashion she couldn’t help but cook-up her iconic Spag Bol. It’s meaty, tomato-y and made with love, and we couldn’t help but feature it in our burger of the month! Thanks Nonna ❤️

Sandwiched between fresh slices of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, a slab of pork cutlet, pesto aioli, basil and our Varsity bun, Nonna’s Spaghetti has never tasted so good… even Nonna will agree. 

Available throughout July, make sure you get your hands on this one before it’s gone!

Burger of the month