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June 2023

Sports, burgers and good times!

June @ Varsity

Whether you like it or not, winter has arrived! It’s always a bit of a shock to the system when we enter these cooler months. Here in WA, we’re just not built for these wintery days. No more walking around in your bathers or quick dips in the ocean… unless you’re following some kind of Wim Hof lifestyle… the cold weather has arrived and we’re eager to layer on those jackets, pump those heaters and heck, even drink a pint of Guinness. If you’re looking for a place to get cosy, stay warm and have a great time–look no further than Varsity. We’re here to bring you a whole lot of sports, burgers and good times in the charming (and warm) atmosphere of your local Varsity. Don’t let the weather scare you off, once you arrive at Varsity, you’ll forget about the rainy windy outdoors.

New Venue

Burger Of The Month X Beyond Skate

Grab your skateboards and your hunger for a tasty feed, this burger of the month we’ve partnered up with Beyond Skate to bring you a massive, juicy, cheesy and skate-stopping burger. 


🍔 Juicy beef patty

🥪 Black spicy cheese toastie (yes, an entire toastie!)

🧄 Black garlic aioli

🍟 Original Smiths (crinkle cut) chippies

🥬 Shredduce (lettuce, but shredded)

🍅 Tomato slices

🧅 Caramelised onions

🧀 Cheddar cheese

🥒 Topped with a perfectly pickle-y pickle from McClures


This burger has got the juicy meat filling from our iconic patties, the perfect balance of sauce, an addictive savoury sweetness from the caramelised onions and added freshness from the local produce. Plus, with that cheesy black spicy toastie on top, this burger is guaranteed to turn the heads of all of the skaters rolling past. It ticks all of the boxes, and then some. Come and get it this June!

Burger Of The Month X Beyond Skate