Wild and wacky burgers – which ones top the list?



We love making burgers.  We love eating burgers. And we love experimenting with burgers.

There’s something about the simplicity of a burger fresh off the grill that you just can’t beat. But every now and again we like to bend the burger rule book and load up on daring flavour combos, to give WA burger lovers out there something new to sink their teeth into.

Over the years we’ve come up with some doozies. Here are our top 3 – as judged by Varsity’s team of burger afficionados.

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Varsity’s top 3 craziest burger creations ever made

#1 Mars Attacks

On 18 February 2021, the NASA Mars Rover touched down on the Red Planet to start searching for evidence of life. With this in mind, we stepped into the kitchen with the plan to create a burger that was out of this world, and we walked out of with the Mars Attacks burger:

Deep fried soft shell crab, chilli mango relish, lime aioli, tomato, lettuce, smashed avo and a charcoal bun (to represent the darkness of space), with the mystery of Mars in the middle of it.