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If you’ve ever attended a live Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event, you’ll know the experience is hard to beat. Sure, for a small fortune you could stream it live at home, but if you’re a diehard UFC fan, watching it on the couch just won’t cut it. So, what’s the next best thing outside of the octagon? Watching UFC Perth live at your local Varsity sports bar of course!

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Best UFC fights of 2021

Fighting through the COVID pandemic, the MMA world was thrown every curveball imaginable. Fight cards chopped and changed due to covid protocols and VISA issues amongst some fighters was the cherry on top of a confusing year. 

However, this didn’t stop the entertainment. From Oliveira taking the title of UFC world champion after he defeated Chandler, to the legendary Volkanovski defending his belt for the 20th consecutive time… Looking back over the last year, what a thrilling 12 months it was for UFC. In fact, 2021 saw the UFC company generate the most money in history, selling the most pay-per-views it ever has. 

It’s fair to say, the amount of UFC fans has definitely grown and with Varsity being the home of UFC, we couldn’t be more stoked about the growing hype over the sport!

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Although 2021 packed a punch with some truly outstanding fights, we can’t wait to see what this year holds for UFC. Check out the fight schedule below!

2022 has only just begun and there are already some stand out fighters you’ll want to remember the names of. There’s Perth’s homegrown hero Jack Della Maddalena who had his debut on the 22nd January 2022, defeating opponent Rodriguez with excellent counters and smooth attacks. In addition, there are several female fighters that are etching their name into the history books, there’s Zhang Weili who continues to deliver a stellar performance as well as Amanda Nunes who’s been dubbed one of the greatest female MMA fighters of all time. For more information on upcoming fights make sure to check out the schedule and save the date of your most anticipated battles. You won’t want to miss out on what this year has in store for you.


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