What's on in August

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What’s On In August

It’s the month of quality Aussie rules football, rainy weather and nights spent watching Mrs Doubtfire whilst eating this month’s special Mrs Stoutfire burger… If somehow you haven’t seen the 90s classic film Mrs Doubtfire, you’ve got some work to do. 

This August we’re filling it to the brim with sports-filled entertainment and tasty eats to keep your belly warm and your spirits high this winter.

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Let’s shoot out the lights

Welcome to the Morley Backyard

The place to hangout, just like Mama’s washing. 

This is a texas-inspired backyard hangout. It’s the place to get the mates together, order some cold frothies and dig into an exclusive all-American feed supplied by our Varsity Food Truck. 

What else could you need? Delivering the finest Aussie beer from Pirate Life, a menu packed with more Southern dishes you can shake a stick at and friendly folk in their trucker hats and overalls. Morley Backyard is everything you love about Texas.

Morley backyard