Formula One World Championship

F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

2023 Formula One World Championship

Get up to speed with F1, 2023 at Varsity. The F1 season is underway and the rounds are already proving to be action-packed! 

Never miss a race at Varsity. F1 is a sporting event we hold near and dear to our sports-loving hearts. We’ll be screening the races that work for our time zone live on our massive Varsity screens, delivering the exciting atmosphere, great food and all-round great vibes every time. Come and join us for the ultimate F1 experience!

New Venue

Round 3: Melbourne

F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

Save the date: Round 3 is set to be hosted in Australia, with the 2023 Australian Grand Prix locked in at the iconic Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit on Sunday, April 2nd. We’ll be ensuring we get every second of the game whilst serving up some tasty specials for you to snack on and drink whilst you watch the race at one of our Varsity venues here in Perth. Stay tuned on our socials or sign up to Varsity League to ensure you don’t miss out on these damn good deals.

2023 Formula One World Championship