Gluten FREE and flavour FULL

Gluten Free

Flavour Full

Gone are the days of shuddering at the thought of a gluten-free menu… our Varsity chefs prepare a wide selection of delicious food that are free of gluten but full of flavour. From big and meaty burgers, plenty of share plates, healthy options and mouth watering pizzas – the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to eat first.

Dietary menu

Gluten Free Burgers & Pizzas

“Are you sure this is gluten-free?”

Gluten-free friends, we’ve got your back! 

There’s nothing worse than asking the waiter for the gluten-free options and being met with a sad salad and a questionable pasta. We ain’t about that. 

Here at Varsity, we strive to make a gluten-free menu that takes the spotlight just as much as the regular menu. And – the proof is in the pudding. 

Our burgers are mouthwatering with a soft GF bun, our nachos are crunchy and moreish and even our salads are an explosion of flavour. In fact, the gluten-free options are so good, you’ll be tempted to check with the kitchen – “are you sure this is gluten-free?”

gluten free cheeseburger and fries at varsity