Hip-hip-HOORAY. It’s our birthday!

it's our birthday

We turned 9 years old!

The word is out… Varsity has turned 9 years old! 

Strap yourself in burger lovers… This birthday, we’re celebrating with a BANG. Make sure you flag the next long weekend on your calendar (March 5th – 7th) as we’ll be dedicating the three days to a helluva party. Think: milkshakes, insane soft serve ice cream and discounted drinks… Hip-hip… HOORAY.

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A trip down memory lane

We don’t want to get too sappy but boy have we enjoyed the last 9 years!! With 6 Varsity locations spread across Perth, it’s pretty crazy to think back to our first year when we had only our OG Nedlands venue in 2013. 

If you’re new to the Varsity story, let us fill you in! 

Varsity was started up by three eager, hungry, sports-crazy fellas named Ben, Fabian and Matt. Their initial vision was to create an American College/Frat experience in Perth, the go-to spot for uni students to have a beer and a yarn. And, well, they nailed it. 

However, because the focus was on recreating a frat-style bar there wasn’t even a burger on the menu until months later. When the first Varsity burger did hit the menu (the Sloppy Joe)… it took the burger scene in Perth to a whole new level. 

And so it begins!

People came as far as Rockingham just to get their hands on one of our Varsity burgers. With such an awesome response, the three musketeers (Ben, Fabian and Matt) refined and developed the menu, expanding it to pizza, chicken wings and more burgers. 

With growing popularity, 2014 saw the opening of our Northbridge venue… then Waterford… then Morley, Joondalup, Fremantle and our Food Truck! And, we’re only planning to grow more. 

Varsity has continued to grow in more ways than one. As much as we still cater to fresh uni students, we’ve also evolved to make sure the original students that partied with us at the beginning in 2013 keep on coming back. We’ve broadened our offering to create experiences not just for students, but for everyone. From quiz nights, comedy shows, vegan and vego offerings and plenty of hang out areas at each venue – Varsity is a place for the people.