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What’s On In August 2023

What’s On In

Everything you need under one roof

It’s all happening at Varsity

The weather might be chilly but the sports action is coming in hot! We’re talkin’ the AFL Grand Final, the much anticipated Western Derby and the Women’s FIFA Finals. And, the best bit? You can catch all of the action on the big screens at Varsity. 

Rally up the mates, come down to your nearest Varsity venue and cheer on your team whilst you sink a frothie and down a burger. Now that’s a helluva time. Plus… this month you can enter the draw to WIN a round trip to Melbourne to watch the Grand Final at the MCG… no cap. Keep on reading to find out how!

Illustration of a hand holding a tall glass of beer


Burger of the month

Big Brekky BAP

The Big Brekky is an Aussie classic. Built from generations of hungry battlers, the Big Brekky is what fuels the working-class, energises our Aussie athletes and unites the nation. This month, we’re paying tribute to this legendary meal by making it into our BOM (burger of the month). Without further ado, here’s what we’re frying up:


🥒 It begins with a perfectly pickle-y pickle from McClures

🍔Fluffy as flip Varsity bun

🍑 Spicy peach BBQ sauce

🥫 The baked beans you know and love

🍳 Crumbed eggs (the best way to eat eggs)

🥓 Crispy bacon

🍮 Black pudding

🧀 Cheddar cheese

🌭 Sausage patty

🍑 And (more) Spicy peach BBQ sauce


Oh and just when you thought this BOM couldn’t get any better, it’s served with 3 perfectly crispy, perfectly potato-y hashbrowns!