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Varsity Morley & Backyard

Previously known as “The Project”, our Morley venue has now been decked out to bring you the best of our Varsity vibes with the addition of a full American-style Backyard experience.

Sports in the front, party out the back! 

When you walk into Morley you’ll notice the high ceilings, exposed brick and motorbikes built into the wall, making it the perfect place to relax watching the UFC over a cold bevvy and burger.

If you prefer having your beers and burgs out in the sun with the smell of texan-style meats wafting around you, the Backyard is the place to be. 

Chasing an outdoor American-style alfresco party experience? The Backyard is your new bestie! Filled with the mouth-watering scent of hissy meats, the sounds of mates gathering for an epic sundowner and lashings of ice-cold frothies, the Morley Backyard embraces those iconic Southern vibes and makes for the perfect function location. 

All the Morley Backyard good times will be slinging from late August 2022. 

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Howdy Partner…

Coming august from the truck

We’re pretty stoked to be able to bring some authentic American cuisine to our Morley Backyard, with a rotational seasonal menu. 

Missing our Varsity Food Truck? We got you fam. She’ll be parked out the back serving up a brand spanking new menu! 

Drawing inspiration from some iconic Soul, New York style, and American/Mexican fusion foods, we’re bringing a new menu exclusively to the Backyard that will make your taste buds yell “Weeeee doggy! Just like mama used to make!” 

Stay up to date with our latest seasonal menu offering by checking out our Morley Facebook page

Grab your mates, your mum, your kids, or whoever and get down here, ’cause there’s something for everyone at Varsity Morley.