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Perth catering... like never before!

“How was the food?”

Catering can either make or break your event. It might sound like we’re being dramatic, but ask any event planner and they will confirm that food plays a crucial role in your guests’ experience. “How was the food?” is a too-common question that pops up when discussing the hottest party or celebration. Make your Perth function memorable in one easy step… hiring our Varsity food truck.

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watch out perth events… we’re coming for you!

"WOW" your guests

When you fall down the rabbit hole of event catering, you’ll soon discover the options are endless! You can quickly become overwhelmed by canapés with fancy names you’re not 100% sure make sense nor your guests will really enjoy. To avoid awkward finger food and confusing flavours, keep it classic with a menu you already know you love! 

We might be a tad biased but burgers are hands down the best food for catering! Burgers can be held easily in your hands, they cater towards all dietary needs (just give us a heads up on which dietary requirements you’re after!) and they’re ultimate crowd pleasers. 

Just imagine rocking up to a wedding or festival and seeing the Varsity Food Truck there flippin’ fresh burgs. Your guests will be stoked. Definitely beats questionable smoked salmon on a piece of flatbread.

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